PtHA Pinto Programs and Events

There are fun things to do with PtHA!


On The Trail  The On the Trail program rewards riders for spending time with their best friend, their Pinto horse. Time can be spent trail riding, driving, participating in parades, drill teams, therapeutic riding, enjoying riding lessons, or any other non-competitive activity. You may earn double hours for time spent riding in national and state parks, grasslands or historic areas, as recognized by the U.S. or Canadian National Parks Service.  Certificates, patches and/or awards are earned by those who make milestone achievements in this program.

Zone Rivalry  This program was designed to promote camaraderie between local shows and charters. It is a year long Team Tournament between PtHA Youth and Amateur members in teams of four.

Zone Invitational  To be invited to the invitational event a unit, as defined by the PtHA rulebook as one youth/one Pinto or one amateur/one Pinto, must place first or second within their respective zone and division for the award year.

Awards  Hall of Fame, Register of Merit, Year End (Top Ten, Zone Invitational, Pinto of the Year, Challenge Twenty

Charters  With more than 41 PtHA Charters and often more than one charter in a state, PtHA members have local opportunities to get together, enjoy Pintos and develop new friendships. PtHA also has international charters including those in Canada. PtHA Charters are given the responsibility of advancing and promoting the Pinto, encouraging ideas of good horsemanship and good sportsmanship, and providing activities for PtHA members on a local basis. Many charters offer showing, community service, recreational riding, youth clubs and social opportunities throughout the year. To find a local charter in your area, visit the Charters Page.

Youth  The Pinto Horse Association of America Youth Organization (PtHAYO) was created to promote and encourage the Youth members of the PtHA on a state and national level, and to promote the general interest of Youth and the Pinto horse. The Pinto Youth excel in community service, sportsmanship and leadership.


Pinto World Championship Show  Held at The Built Ford Livestock Complex in Tulsa Oklahoma ….the 2016 Pinto World Championships will be held June 13 – 25.

Color Breed Congress  Held at The Built Ford Livestock Complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma…the 2016 Color Breed Congress will be held in November.

Convention and Year End Awards Banquet    Oklahoma City, Okla., March 2-5 2016, at the Wyndham Garden Hotel, Oklahoma City Airport.

OCAP Shows  Developed to allow Pinto members who might not have the opportunity to earn national points and awards, the Open Competition Activities Program allows participants to earn points at OCAP approved shows that will go toward OCAP specific awards. The program is open to any Pinto, but does not include Amateur competition.  (In other words, you can get PtHA credit at open shows!)

PtHA Shows  Did you know you can earn awards by showing at your local PtHA Shows?  And OH THE FUN OF IT!!!

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