APHA Paint Programs and Events

There are FUN things to do with APHA!

APHA Programs

There is a place and a program in the APHA for everyone—no matter what your level of interest or riding skill. Whether you are young, or young-at-heart, the APHA has designed a special program that reflects your equine interests. From the challenge of competition to leisure riding, we encourage you to take advantage of the programs we have to offer.  (Copied from www.apha.com)  Programs include Breeder’s Futurity, Breeder’s Trust, Competition, PAC, Markel APHA Professional Horseman, Racing, PAC/Recreational Riding, Showing.

APHA Events

From world-class competition to recreational riding, the APHA hosts several events throughout the year for Paint Horse enthusiasts. Whether you want to watch Paints in action or just network with people who share your passion for Paints, we invite you to join us at our next event. If you are looking for an approved Paint Horse show sponsored by an APHA Regional Club in your area, jump to the Show Calendar.  (Copied from www.apha.com)  Events include Convention, Judging Seminar, Showing, Trail Rides, World Show.

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Paint Horse Shows…oh the fun of it!

PAC (Paint Alternative Competition) lets you show in open or 4H shows and get Paint Horse Show credit and awards!

Ride America lets you log hours in the saddle with APHA and earn awards! 

World Championship Shows…held in Fort Worth, Texas.  The AjPHA (American Junior Paint Horse Association) Youth World Championship Show is held in the summer (usually) late June/early July and the APHA World Championship Show is held in the fall (usually November)