About Us

Located in Yucaipa, California, Palmer Ranch has been family owned and operated since 1993.  We are dedicated to raising quality tobiano and homozygous tobiano paint/pinto horses.

What started out as a retirement and a one or two pretty black and white horse hobby has evolved into a full time horse ranch…a breeding and training operation with 2 awesome stallions, a few special broodmares, and several young prospects.  Our 10 acre facility has an eight stall barn, 3 completely covered mare motels, three camera monitored foaling stalls, a completely covered veterinarian designed breeding shed with palpation chute, 2 round pens, an arena, an obstacle trail course, a hot walker, several large turn outs, and the list goes on.  Admittedly, we love our ranch and all that goes with it and we certainly try to have the best possible facility to raise these Paint Horses that we enjoy so much!

Our stallions, Pawnee Brave and Dun Deal, are two of the finest homozygous tobiano paint stallions around.  They both have excellent pedigrees, conformation, ability, and most important, excellent dispositions.  We definitely delight in having stallions that sire tobiano color 100% of the time….after all we do raise PAINT horses.  But it is the owner satisfaction, versatility, and show record of our stallion’s offspring that is most exciting.  This shows us that on top of everything else, they are indeed succeeding as sires of quality tobiano horses with “great minds” for many different disciplines, and more than enough “pretty” and “ability” to compete in today’s show ring.  They make owning a horse FUN like it should be…whatever you do!

It also definitely takes quality broodmares to produce quality babies.  50% of the genetic material comes from the mare, right?  But some say that the mare contributes up to 65% (or more) to the “100%” which makes up the foal!  Makes sense if you think of how much time the foal spends with it’s Mom and what he or she learns during those early months.  Our broodmares are special members of our family and are in fact beautiful daughters of Pawnee Brave or Dun Deal.  We have found that it is a special cross … the foal sired by Dun Deal out of a Pawnee Brave mare OR the foal sired by Pawnee Brave out of Dun Deal mare.  This is now our breeding program.  And we have produced some very nice tobiano PAINT horses that have gone on to new homes across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The young prospects from our breeding program that we have for sale are well taken care of from the instant they are conceived…easy to do when you have the mare :-).  All babies are imprinted at birth and handled daily.  They are given lots of free exercise and all are fed rations appropriate to their stage of growth and development.  All are also kept current on hoof care, worming, and vaccinations.  Many are shown before they leave here.  It’s not easy to part with these babies after we’ve raised them but the key to feeling good about it is finding the right home…something we take very seriously.  And I absolutely LOVE that most of our buyers stay in touch and I get to see how wonderful they and their Pawnee Brave or Dun Deal babies are doing!

For those of you who wish to breed your own wonderful mare to Pawnee Brave or Dun Deal in 2016, we will stand our stallions for ranch (hand) breeding to a limited number of approved mares.  Our facility is clean, safe, and well maintained (remember I said this was a full time thing!)  We offer excellent mare care, and treat all outside mares (and foals) as if they were our own.  Special care, exercise, and diets are given as needed or requested.  When all is said and done, we want to send home a happy, healthy, pregnant mare.

To get more information about breeding to our stallions, or about purchasing a foal, click on this link to contact us!  All inquiries are welcome!

Thank you for visiting Palmer Ranch and please come again!