Dun Deal offspring accomplishments

Dun Deal has sired some very talented, versatile, beautiful babies!  Listed below are the accomplishments of his babies that i know about.  He is a sire of…..


Sire of APHA Honor Roll Open Four-and-Older Stallions (#3).

Sire of 14 Times APHA Grand Champion Halter (Open) and 5 Times APHA Grand Champion Halter (Amateur).

Sire of 22 Times APHA Resv. Grand Champion Halter (Open) and 5 Times APHA Resv. Grand Champion Halter (Amateur).

Sire of Multiple APHA Register of Merit (ROM) in Halter (Youth, Amateur, and Open).

Sire of Multiple APHA Register of Merit (ROM) in Trail (Amateur and Open).

Sire of APHA Register of Merit (ROM) in Color Class (Open).

Sire of APHA Register of Merit (ROM) in Green Trail (Open).

Sire of APHA Point Earning Get in Halter (Youth, Novice Amateur, Amateur, and Open) Color Class (Open) Showmanship at Halter (Youth and Novice Amateur) Hunt Seat Equitation (Youth) Green Western Pleasure (Open) Western Pleasure (Youth, Novice Amateur, Amateur, and Open) Western Horsemanship (Novice Amateur and Amateur) Green Trail (Open) Trail (Novice Amateur, Amateur, and Open) Ranch Riding (Ranch Horse Pleasure) (Amateur and Open) Reining (Open).  

Sire of APHA PAC Credit Earning Get in Halter, Color Halter, Showmanship at Halter, Horsemanship, Walk/trot, Walk/jog, Speed Events, and Western Pleasure.

Sire of PtHA Reserve Grand Champion Halter.

Sire of PtHA Point Earning and/or Class Winning Get in Halter, Color Halter, and Longe Line.

Sire of TMVPHC Class Winners and Year-end Champions in Halter 2 year old Colts, and Halter Broodmares.

Sire of ETI Show Series BUCKLE WINNER Team Sorting.

Sire of 4-H A Team (Winner) in HalterShowmanship at Halterand Western Pleasure

Sire of 4-H B Team (2nd Place) in Barrel Racing and Keyhole!

Sire of CSHA Year-end Reserve Champion Halter, Year-end Champion Longe Line, and Year-end Reserve Champion Showmanship at Halter.

Sire of Open Show Series Year End Champion Walk/Jog All Around.

Sire of Open Show Competitors and Class Winners  in Halter, Color Halter, Showmanship at Halter, In Hand Trail, Longe Line, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Hunter Under Saddle, Jumping, Gymkhana, Team Penning, Ranch Sorting, Roping, Reining, Polo ….and the list goes on!  

Sire of “movie stars” in several movies, music videos, photo shoots, and advertisements at the JMJ Ranch.  

Sire of Horse Model for “Hobby Horse” Horse Show Clothes.

And he is a Future Sire of many more Friends and Champions!