Breeding agreement for Dun Deal

Special Low Breeding Fee for 2017:  $450  Live Colored Foal Guarantee, Booking fee of $200 is included in the breeding fee.  Ranch breeding only.  Limited Book.  

***Our Breeding Agreement and Breeding Checklist is also available in printable PDF format located at the end of this page***

Breeding Agreement for Dun Deal

Palmer Ranch, Yucaipa, CA

This Agreement, made and entered into______________20____, at Yucaipa, CA, by and between ______________________________________

hereinafter referred to as “Mare Owner”, and Frank and Millie Palmer, 36671 Oak Glen Road, Yucaipa, CA 92399, hereinafter referred to as “Stallion Owner”.  Patti Palmer, at same address as Stallion Owner, is agent for Stallion Owner and will be included in definition of “Stallion Owner” in this Agreement.


Whereas, the Stallion Owner is the owner of the Stallion named “Dun Deal”, APHA# 318010, PtHA# 109028, the Mare Owner is the owner/lessee of the Mare named________________________________________________description_________________breed_____________reg. #________________

And whereas the Stallion “Dun Deal”, will stand at stud during the 2016 season at the above address, and parties hereto desire to contract for the servicing of the Mare by this Stallion during the breeding season of 2016.  Now therefore, it is agreed as follows:

1. Fees and other charges. The breeding fee shall be $450 which includes $200 booking fee.  Upon payment of $200 booking fee (non-refundable, payable upon signing this contract) the Stallion Owner hereby reserves for the Mare Owner one season’s booking for 2016 to the above mentioned Stallion for the service to the Mare. The booking fee will apply toward the breeding fee if the Mare is delivered for service. (B) Board at the rate of $10-12(mare only) $14-16(mare and foal) per day for the keeping and ordinary care of Mare (and foal) will be paid by the Mare Owner before Mare (and foal) leave Stallion Owner’s premises or every thirty days, whichever comes first. (C) The balance of the breeding fee plus all remaining board and expenses, including veterinary fees if any, will be paid in full when the Mare is picked up. Payment will be made even if the Mare is removed prior to a pregnancy check. Stallion Owner shall have a lien on the Mare (and foal) until paid in full.

2. Special Provisions.__________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. Veterinary Services. Mare owner agrees to bring mare ready to breed.  However, if necessary, Mare Owner agrees to allow Stallion Owner to have a qualified veterinarian check Mare for normal breeding conditions, and to perform other services as Stallion Owner deems necessary for the proper treatment and protection of Mare (and foal). This is to be at the Mare Owner’s expense and will be paid in full when Mare is picked up or every thirty days, whichever comes first.

4. Live Colored Foal Guarantee. None of the above mentioned fees shall be refundable. But the Stallion Owner guarantees a return breeding the same or following season either for the Mare or her approved substitute should a live (defined as one that stands and nurses), colored, foal not result from this mating.  Mare Owner agrees to vaccinate Mare for rhinopneumonitis at 5, 7, and 9 months of pregnancy and take proper care of mare during pregnancy.  Should the Mare not become pregnant, lose the pregnancy, or should the foal die at birth, Mare Owner will send notice, signed by a veterinarian within 10 days of determination of same. Should the Mare need a return breeding, Mare Owner agrees to pay for board, care, and veterinary fees in the manner outlined above.

5. Health of Mare. Upon arrival of Mare (and foal), Mare Owner warrants that Mare (and foal) is free from disease or infection that could be transmitted to any of the horses on Stallion Owner’s premises, and agrees to provide, if requested, a current health certificate, showing Mare (and foal) to be free from disease or infection and sound for breeding purposes. Further, Mare Owner agrees to provide Stallion Owner with a current negative Coggins test if mare (and foal) has been outside of the state of California within the last year. The Mare must also be current (no more than 2 months and no less than 2 weeks) on tetanus, strangles, influenza, sleeping sickness, west nile, and rhinopneumonitis vaccinations, as well as worming. Barren mares must have a current negative uterine culture prior to breeding.  Mare must be halter broken and manageable and have rear shoes removed. Stallion Owner reserves the right to refuse to breed Mare for reason of ill health or temperament dangerous to Stallion or Stallion Owner. Unruly mares will be returned to Mare Owner at Mare Owner’s expense and booking fee and all board and veterinary fees incurred shall be retained by Stallion Owner. Should the Stallion Owner refuse to breed Mare, an approved substitute mare may be allowed for service to Stallion the same or following season.

6. Ownership. Mare Owner warrants that he/she owns the Mare described above and that there are no liens against Mare, express or by law. Further, Mare owner agrees to provide Stallion Owner with a copy of Mare’s Registration Papers upon signing this Agreement.

7. Hold Blameless. Stallion Owner agrees to diligently try to settle mare; however if mare fails to settle, for any reason, Mare Owner will hold Stallion Owner blameless. Mare Owner agrees to give Breeding Facility ample opportunity to settle mare.

8. Deaths of Mare or Stallion. Before any breeding takes place, should the above mentioned Stallion or Mare die or become unfit for service, as so declared by a licensed veterinarian, this contract will become null and void and any breeding fees paid will be refunded.

9. Risk of Loss. During the time that the Mare (and foal) is in the custody of the Stallion Owner, all reasonable efforts will be made to provide proper care for Mare (and foal) health and safety, however, the Stallion Owner shall not be liable for any sickness, disease, or injury which may be suffered by Mare (and foal). Both parties recognize that certain risks are involved in breeding. Stallion Owner agrees to follow standard practices, but Stallion Owner is not (and will not become) an insurer of the condition of the Mare (and foal). Mare owners should have their own insurance on mare upon arrival to ranch.

10. Hold Harmless. Mare Owner agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Stallion Owner from all liability or claims, demands, damages, and costs arising from any sickness, disability, disease, estray, theft, death, or injury which may be suffered by Mare or any loss arising out of being connected in any way with Mare, the breeding of Mare or with any reason for which Mare is in custody or on the premises of Stallion Owner. Mare Owner agrees to pay any attorney’s fees, and/or expenses incurred by Stallion Owner in defense of such claims.

11. Breeders Certificate. A Breeding Certificate can be issued when the mare is pronounced in foal by a licensed veterinarian, and all breeding, board, care, and veterinary fees are paid in full. Usually the breeding certificates supplied by the APHA are available in December of the year bred and stallion owner agrees to send to qualified mare owner as soon as they become available.

12. Assignment. This Agreement shall not be assigned or transferred by either party hereto, without prior consent of the other.

13. Agreement Acceptance. The Mare Owner’s signature on this Agreement attests to the fact that the Mare Owner has read and understood all of the terms outlined herein and accepts this Agreement as a legal and binding instrument on behalf of the Mare Owner, Mare Owner’s heirs, successors, and assigns. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties.  No other agreements, whether verbal or implied, are included. If any provision of this Agreement is invalid, all other provisions shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect. This Agreement is made and entered into, in the County of San Bernardino regardless of the manner of solicitation, and shall be interpreted, enforced, and transacted within said county, under the laws of the State of CA.

Check list for Breeding To Dun Deal in 2017:

1.  Signed Breeding Agreement.  
Once we have discussed your mare and when you would like to bring her here to our ranch for breeding, send in your breeding agreement along with a check for $200 and a copy of your mare’s registration papers.  I will sign the original and send you back a copy.  Then you have a reservation for breeding your mare to Dun Deal for 2017!  Dun Deal’s book will be limited so please contact us early.

We will start accepting mares for breeding in February, but only those who are cycling normally per their Veterinarian.  We understand the desire for an early foal, but you must prepare your mare for early breeding (artificial lighting, possibly hormones etc) in order for her to get in foal early in the year.  Remember most mares won’t start cycling normally until about April (without the help of artificial lighting etc).  In fact, normal breeding season for mares in “the wild” is May, June, July etc and assuming an 11+ month gestation period, their foals are born in April, May, June etc.  Here is an excellent article on preparing your mare for breeding.  Click on Difficult Transitions (article in

If you have any questions about booking your mare or when is the best time to breed your mare, please contact me at

2.  $200 booking fee.  Make checks payable to Frank Palmer.  This needs to be included with your signed breeding agreement at time of booking.

3.  Copy of Mare’s registration papers.  If your mare is registered, her papers need to be included with your signed breeding agreement at time of booking.

4.  Uterine Culture, if required, within 60 days of breeding.  This is done by your Veterinarian and can be done about one month (or one cycle) prior to arrival to our ranch.  The uterine culture needs to be done when your mare is in season as this is when the cervix is open.  Uterine Cultures (and treatment if necessary) are recommended for maiden mares over the age of 10 years old and always required for open mares or mares who have been bred before but don’t have a foal at side now.  We usually don’t require a uterine culture for mares with foals at side or maiden mares under the age of 10 years old, but occasionally we do and this will be at the Veterinarians discretion.  If you have any questions about the uterine culture, please contact me at

5.  Coggins Test, if required, within 30 days of arrival to ranch.  This is a blood test and is also done by your Veterinarian.  Coggins Test is required if your mare has been outside of California within the last year.

6.  All Vaccinations (listed in breeding agreement) approximately one month prior to breeding.  These vaccinations include Tetanus, Sleeping Sickness, Flu, Rhino, Strangles, and West Nile and may be given 2 weeks prior to arrival to ranch.  Any vaccinations given over 2 months prior to arrival to our ranch are considered “not current” and should be boostered no sooner than 2 weeks prior to arrival to our ranch.  This not only protects your mare and our horses; it also protects your unborn foal since you won’t need to vaccinate for all of these diseases while your mare is in the early stages of pregnancy (a practice which could potentially be harmful to the unborn foal).  If you have any questions about the vaccinations, please contact me at

7.  Worming prior to breeding.  Make sure you give the adequate amount of worming medicine to properly worm your mare.   If your mare has a foal at side and that foal is at least 6 weeks old, you will want to worm the foal as well.  Please worm your mare (and foal, if old enough) immediately prior to arrival to our ranch.  Here again, as with the vaccinations, this allows you to skip the worming in the early part of gestation, a practice which could potentially be harmful to the unborn foal.

8.  Health Exam for your mare’s health and breeding soundness.  This may be done by your Veterinarian and is basically a check to make sure that your mare is healthy and suitable for breeding.  This is a time to discuss, with your Veterinarian, the preparation needed to breed your mare, including vaccinations, worming etc. and if your mare needs a uterine culture or any other procedure pre or post breeding.  Preparation is key to getting your mare in foal and having YOUR Veterinarian help you prepare your mare for breeding is the best way to go.  If you have any questions about this exam, please contact me at

9.  PRE BREEDING EXAM/FOLLICLE CHECK.  Our request is that your mare is ready to breed at the time she arrives.  Ready to breed means that your mare is “clean” (there are no known problems with her uterus), is in season (showing and cervix open) and has a good egg to breed to.  Your Veterinarian should be able to tell you when your mare is ready to come to our ranch for breeding.  This will not only help ensure that your mare gets in foal, but it will save you money on mare care as she won’t be sitting around at our ranch waiting to come into season.  We say again that preparation is key to getting your mare in foal!  ***There are exceptions to every rule and you may wish to plan your arrival so that your mare is just coming into season….especially if you are traveling any distance to get here.  If you have any questions about the pre-breeding health exam (and follicle check), please contact me at

10.  Rear shoes removed.  This can be done immediately prior to arrival to our ranch.

11.  Any vitamins, supplements, blankets?  Bring any of these with you when you bring your mare for breeding.  I am happy to give supplements, put on blankets, etc.  We will try to do whatever your mare is used to so that she is as comfortable as possible while she is here.

12.  Pregnancy exam.  We check our mares for pregnancy at about 18 days post breeding.  Once your mare has been bred, you can take her home and have her checked for pregnancy by your veterinarian.  If (worst case scenario) she is not in foal, your Veterinarian’s examination will give the necessary information to advise you on the timing for re-breed.  In most cases, by following our requested check list, your mare will be in foal and you will enjoy knowing that you have a beautiful foal coming soon!  Exception***You may wish to have your mare checked for pregnancy before she leaves here…especially if you are traveling any distance to get here.  If you have any questions about the pregnancy exam, please contact me at

We have a beautiful, clean facility and will take excellent care of your mare while she is here.  The things that we ask you to do before she gets here will just make her stay shorter and easier on her.  When your mare leaves here, we want her to be healthy, happy, and in foal!  If you have any questions or concerns about ANYTHING, please contact me at or 909-797-2938.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have AND we will try to work with you and your particular situation.  Thank you!


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